The Entrepreneurial Roller Coaster: How To Keep Climbing No Matter What Tests You Face 

Grace De Bruin

November 5, 2023

Courage and Leadership, Spiritual Entrepreneurship

Alright, let’s dive straight into the deep end here.. Because right now, in these early years of building your online empire, it probably feels like its a straight up, hard slog sometimes.. Like you’re wrestling with the universe. Like nothings going your way on the business front.. And life is throwing you punches left and right. It’s like a cosmic joke, and you’re the punchline…

Clients? The opposite of flowing.  

Big investments? You make ‘em! That’s what all the gurus say to do, right? 

…. And then they are followed by those unexpected out-of-nowhere bills. Or some other financial sh*t show, like my $50k revenue stream getting ripped from under my feet the day after I pressed play on a big investment. 

And you’re wondering WHEN just WHEN you’ll finally have your moment. 

Now I know it feels like a cruel joke…

Everyone else on Instagram is flaunting their big cash months and “effortless” growth. So why the hell are your big 5 figure months still MIA and social growth slower than watching freaking paint dry????

You start to wonder if you’re cut out for this – duh, you’re human. 

Doubts creep in, and you flirt with the idea of throwing it all in, switching to something new and shiny, or going on a sabbatical to figure out WHAT on earth you’re meant to do. 

Introducing.. Your Cosmic Test

But what if I told you… this isn’t actually the universe messing with you or life’s way of playing games???

What if it’s more like…. a trial by fire?

An initiation into the world of bold leaders…?

An invitation to prove yourself.. To show your worth…

To write your badass heroine’s story…

To prove you’ve got grit…

To face it all head-on and declare, “I am unstoppable – KEEP IT COMING!!!”

Because the universe isn’t your enemy (shock horror…)

She’s your MENTOR. 

So here’s the deal..

If you’re not yet that bold leader you aspire to be, if you haven’t had that big breakthrough you’ve been dreaming of, then probably just haven’t passed your cosmic test yet.

These challenges aren’t roadblocks – they are your steps to GREATNESS!

But you keep turning ’em away.. 

Pushing them back..

Trying to go left, right, around and every other way but UP the damn stairs..

Do you see it yet????

Next time it feels like the universe is throwing you curveballs, remember—it’s just checking if you’ve got what it takes.

Will you crumble or conquer?

Will you walk UP or back down?

After all – you wanna lead?

Well, show us you’re a leader. 

Lead yourself. Leaders ALWAYS go first. I mean literally. By definition. 

And THEN… and ONLY then… do you get the honor of leading others. 

That’s just how it is. 

Let me leave you with this:

Now before you contract inside – know there is one thing that’s for sure…..

You’re more courageous than you think!

YOU – yes, YOU!

I’m here waiting for YOU to knock it out of the park.

I’m ready for YOU to step up and show the Universe who’s boss.

Coz you know who’s boss? The UNIVERSE. Yeah, got ya there 😉

And she’s god damn telling you what to do – so just listen. 

Just go. 


Follow the calling.


Or you wouldn’t damn well be reading this. 

Stop glamorizing the journey okay??

Your path to greatness is up that stairwell, you just gotta keep climbing 👊

Stay relentless,

Grace xo

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