What does the Sun Represent? A Channeled Message From Spirit

What does the sun represent in business astrology

Grace De Bruin

November 10, 2023

Business Astrology, Messages from Spirit

God – What does the Sun represent?

NOTE: This “Messages from Spirit ” series starts with me asking a question and automatically writing the answer I receive, which is typically poured out from start to finish within 1-3 minutes. This content is 100% channeled, unfiltered and unedited. Take what serves you, and leave what doesn’t. 

The Sun is the core of your being, the core of who you truly came here to be. The core of what you manifest in this world when you are tapped into exactly what is meant to come through you. The Sun is the one who knows what it means to feel alive for it shines so bright.

The Sun is not meant to be a partaker in the world’s dramas and happenings. It is here to be a pure source of love and energy and light. It is here to be the core of our being, our existence and our connection to this Universe.

When you embody the Sun you embody your life’s work. When you disown the Sun you disown yourself, your reason for being, and the Universal energy gets duller as each person disowns their own light. We are all here to shine for a purpose – the Sun is yours.

Once you understand your Sun sign, you understand how light works. You understand your energy on a cellular level, and how it’s intended to vibrate. You understand the core of your being, the meaning of your existence, at the most highest, aspirational level.

The Sun is here to outshine any fears and doubts. To outshine any darkness that keeps you playing safe and small. The Sun is here to be your unwavering source of pure love and light – and you receive this when you harness your Sun’s energy. 

If you don’t know how to harness this, just look to the Sun. Truly. Look to the Sun and feel at your core what does this mean? How does this feel? Say the words aloud and receive the wisdom the radiant light is sending you. For it imprints a different energetic code on each of us, you only need to ask, in order to know. 

If you gained wisdom or insight from this transmission, I’d love to hear from you below! What does the Sun mean to you?

Stay relentless.

Grace xo 

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