What The Universe Does When You Say You Want To Lead

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Grace De Bruin

November 5, 2023

Courage and Leadership, Spiritual Entrepreneurship

A little back story..

I’m going to tell you a story about how the Universe will test and challenge you when you say you want to become a leader and when you say you’re ready to step into something big.. And I’m gonna do so by letting you in on the what-the-f*ck-just-happened moment, that was yesterday. 

If you’ve been following me for some time, you’ll know that over the past year I totally stripped 90% of my business and revenue away. I ditched the multi six-figure income I had built amidst a spiritual awakening – searching for alignment and truth and basically – who the hell actually am I? You know the feels.. 

During my year hiatus totally off social media, all I kept was a main client I’ve worked with for years, who runs a 7 figure online brand with their team that I love. I run their ads, strategize their funnels and all that jazz.

And then lastly, I had my Etsy shop. I spent about 6 months of my time off social media building this shop up with over 700 digital products for sale, then left it untouched. It blessed me with over $50k totally passive income in the 12 months since. So – that’s where I was at. 

Now back to the story..

Declaring to the Universe

In the month just gone, clarity dropped in my search for meaning and I’ve fully f*cking committed to my mission of helping aspiring leaders see their highest potential and actually go BE IT. 

I’ve thrown myself into 100% just sharing my mission and message – with zero business plan in place, zero offers, zero idea of what I will even sell, zero funnels, zero everything. I literally don’t even know where this journey will take me… Business coach, personal development guru, published author, astrologer,  cosmic time traveler – who tf knows. It’s plain and simply just me showing up for the people I know I’m here to serve. And that’s that. 

Last week, I literally stood in my living room and SCREAMED at God (no religious affiliation when I say that btw) – to help me drop the hell into my mission because I AM READY. Literally screaming. Commanding. Affirming. Planting my stake THIS IS IT – I’M DOING THIS. I’m READY to lead and serve IN BIG SCARY WAYS. 

Fast forward a few days… I reached out to an incredible woman I had a session with a year or so ago. She sees the potential in me like no one else and my soul was yearning for her to guide me through this time. 

She told me God had been showing my face to her for a few weeks, she was about to reach out to me too. Funny how the universe does that, but also.. OF COURSE IT FREAKING DOES!!

She tells me her container is $1,111 per month for 8 months. And I’ve never been one to shy away from business investments – but at this point, I’m the sole income earner of my family of 5, am being hounded for debt repayments, and remember the part where I stripped 90% of my revenue away? Yeah, there’s that too.

But of course – I said YES. After all, I already DECIDED I was ready to lead. I already DECIDED this was my time. So why would I not?? In fact, who am I to NOT?? When I just in fact AFFIRMED and DECIDED I am already the next level me. This investment will be a drop in the ocean by the time I’m done with it – I trust me. 

So the next morning she sent me the link. I hit PAY and saw just 3 low digits remaining in my account. But no fear. No angst. Just full TRUST.

The Cosmic Test

I made my morning coffee and went into my office as usual, firstly to sign on to my Etsy shop to check on my sales.. and BAM. Gone. Account suspended. Zero reason. Zero fault of my own. One of many innocent sellers who’ve experienced the f*ckery that is Etsy. (Yes – I’m waiting to join that class action).

My $50k+ annual revenue PULLED from under my feet Just. Like. That. And right before my peak trading month too 🙃

And for a moment – I wanted to scream. I NEEDED that income. I was RELYING on that income to not only fund that investment I just made.. but to feed my family, pay my weekly credit card bills and you know.. Survive.

But the rage quickly settled and turned to a smirk, then a laugh, then an OK GOD, I FUCKING HEAR YOU 😂 😂 We’re doing this baby. We really are.

Stepping into leadership

Now…. That is the kind of thing the Universe will throw at you when you SAY you are ready to lead.. When you say you are ready for more.. 

Well – are you really????????

Let’s see about that…..

Let’s trial and push and test you so you can step the hell up into the leader you say you are. 

You wanted this, didn’t you?? 

And maybe this phenomenon sounds familiar. Always feeling like just when you commit to something, invest in something, get amped up for something.. The Universe screws you over. 

Only – it doesn’t 😉 It never does. But more on that in my other blog

And for now – whilst I’d love to finish this with a happy ending where I stepped up to the plate,  showed you some badass warrior moves and everything worked out happily ever after.. you’ll just have to keep waiting for that. 

In the meantime, I’m inviting you to witness my vulnerability, in all my mess and glory as the story keeps unfolding. I’m here to share it all. They say your mess is your message, and hell – that’s what I’m livin by now. So.. WELCOME!!!

But before ya go – there’s one thing I want you to take away from this..

And it’s that everything you WANT to be is already damn well WITHIN you okay???

You’ve just got to prove it 😉

As always: Stay relentless.

Grace xo 

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